Probate and Letters of Administration

Probate and Letters of Administration

Perth Wills Lawyers offer legal services in all aspects of a deceased estate. If you are the executor appointed under a will, we are able to assist you to obtain a grant of probate. When a deceased dies without a will, we are able to assist to obtain a grant of letters of administration. In certain complex cases, to facilitate the issuance of the grant, we offer legal services as the administrator of the deceased estate.

When the grant is issued, the executor or administrator will have the legal authority to manage the deceased estate. It is important that the grant is obtained as soon as possible so that the assets of the deceased estate can be collected and distributed to the beneficiaries.

Perth Wills Lawyers have the skill and experience to process the application for a grant of probate or letters of administration in all types of cases.

In straightforward cases, when all documents and information are available, our lawyers are able to process the application quickly and at fixed costs.

However, many deceased estates have complex issues requiring time to investigate and prepare the application. Our lawyers have gained a reputation of having the ability, commitment and sensitivity to deal with complex deceased estates including the following:-

  • The will contains terms which are confusing, inconsistent or contradictory making it difficult to ascertain the intentions of the deceased.
  • The original signed will is misplaced, destroyed or defaced.
  • The validity of the will is in question as a result of medical or other evidence indicating that the deceased may lack mental capacity when the will was made.
  • The deceased did not make a formal written will but left some form of writing or recording setting out the deceased’s intentions.
  • The deceased committed suicide leaving a suicide note containing directions as to the distribution of the deceased’s assets.
  • There are beneficiaries below 18 years old requiring sureties to be appointed.
  • The executor, beneficiary or witnesses to the will cannot be located.
  • The assets of the deceased in Australia or overseas require tracing.
  • The deceased died based overseas with questions as to the domicile of the deceased and the law applicable to determine the beneficiaries of the deceased estate.
  • The deceased estate having assets and beneficiaries in multiple countries.

If you wish to apply for a grant of probate or letters of administration, please:-

The legal fee payable for the initial legal advice is $50.00 for a 30 minute private and confidential conference. Thereafter, if you wish to appoint us to apply for the grant, the legal costs payable will be discussed and a costs agreement provided for consideration so that you can decide whether to enter into the costs agreement and appoint us to act for you.

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